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Drive Community Health + Vitality in SE North Dakota

What’s the key to creating a healthy community?

Each small town has its own character, so we’d never be so bold as to claim there’s only one way to create a healthy community.

When thinking about how to serve the small towns in SE North Dakota, we start with the belief that people are our biggest asset.

We equip small-town people with the skills, knowledge, and thinking to create a place that offers everyone a sense of belonging, great places to work, and interesting things to do.

We only partner with individuals and organizations that share this passion for people and the belief that, together, we’re better.

Growing Small Town’s success is tied to the quality of our partnerships and we’re always looking for new people and organizations that care as much as we do about the future of the communities in SE North Dakota.

Small towns have their own heart beat, no matter how many people come or go.

 ― Mitch Albom

Who We Partner With and Why

Community- Focused Companies

Companies are looking for easy ways to support their local communities and make an impact that will last. We love to support the growth and development of your internal teams and through a partnership with us, your organization can show its dedication to the local community while enhancing brand loyalty.

Forward-Thinking Communities

Resources are tight in small towns and we need to embrace the idea that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Our programs are developed specifically for the small towns in our service area, and we’ve created partnership opportunities that allow our communities to offer the premier services that people wouldn’t expect from a small town.

Open-Minded and Open-Hearted People

We’re not just about big partnerships; we love to partner with individuals, too. People with an open mind are willing to try new things and be challenged in their thinking. People with open hearts will be honest and transparent, even when uncomfortable. We believe this is what it takes to create a bright future for small towns.

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