Welcome to the brand new Growing Small Towns Show! We are so stinking excited to roll out our first episode of this new season and in today’s episode, you get a guest host! Nicole Pond, founder of The Yellow Bird, an online skincare company that makes exceptional and affordable skincare for your whole family, takes over the mic to interview Rebecca Undem, your usual podcast host about the journey of Growing Small Towns, the North Dakota-based 501(c)(3) she founded in 2019.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Undem has always been passionate about at least two things: people and talking to people. As an inspirational speaker, community advocate, and host of the podcast The Growing Small Towns Show, she’s put her gift of gab to good use.
Rebecca spent over a decade in the organizational development industry, helping companies of all sizes, types, and industries make good on their commitment to make their people their top priority. She’s most passionate about encouraging people to steward their gifts well and she strongly believes this is how we create meaningful change and a lasting impact. As Founder and Executive Director of Growing Small Towns, a regional non-profit organization, Rebecca helps the communities in southeast North Dakota be places people love to call home through programs that grow their human, social, and cultural capital.
Not one to let people down, Rebecca still lives up to her childhood label of drama queen. She binges on Netflix shows, coffee, and anything that leaves her verklempt—her self-acclaimed favorite feeling. Rebecca went against her youthful declarations and married a farmer, Jeremiah, and together, they have three amazing kids named Andrew, Carter, and Brynlee. They love their small town and the crazy-good life they get to live there.


In this episode, we cover:

4:46 – How small towns offer possibilities most don’t see

7:25 – A new definition of growth for small towns

13:14 – How clearly defined values shape behavior

24:07 – What to focus on when pursuing a big goal

26:12 – The value people can expect from our organization

Links and Resources Mentioned

Growing Small Towns website: www.growingsmalltowns.org
Growing Small Towns Facebook: www.facebook.com/growingsmalltowns
Growing Small Towns Instagram: www.instagram.com/growingsmalltowns
Join the community on FB! www.growingsmalltowns.group
Yellow Bird website: www.yellowbird.co (use coupon code REBECCAUNDEM at checkout to get 10% off!)

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